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Environmental Update 5/23/2017

1) Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) Meeting
Wednesday, May 31, at 9AM
375 Beale St. San Francisco, Embarcadero BART

This meeting will be deciding on emission control standards for the Bay Area. This decision will determine whether tar sands oil can be refined in Richmond. Please come.

2) Bills being considered in the legislature

SB 100 is State Senate leader Kevin de Leon’s bill to require 100% clean green electric energy by 2045.

SB 775 by de Leon and Fremont state Senator Bob Wieckowski is a big deal – an overhaul of the state’s controversial and troubled Cap and Trade program. The bill turns the program into a much bigger deal, both for advancing California’s climate goals and as a model not just nationally but globally.

3) Bring Clean Jobs, Not Coal, to Oakland

Contact Oakland Developer Phil Tagami tell him to drop his lawsuit against coal train prohibition. 510-268-8500

Next Steps to Implement the Oakland Police Commission

Oakland voters passed the charter change that set up an independent police commission by over 80% but it’s not time to let down our guard. The City is in the process of passing legislation which sets up the implementation of the Commission and some of the “enabling ordinance” Council Members Kalb and Gallo are proposing may just water down the independence of the new commission before it is even seated.

1) The 3 person committee which actually doles out discipline to officers, including firing, cannot be made up of more than 1 mayoral appointee-the mayor already gets 3 appointees to the 7 member commission-or it becomes just another mayor-controlled board and not a citizen board.

2) Staffing must be adequate and not under the control of the city administrator’s office or as in 1) it loses its independence.

Please contact Councilmember Kalb or Gallo to ask them to support the Police Accountability’s Coalition Ordinance.

Rep. Barbara Lee’s Statement on Military Strikes Against the Syrian Government

Rep. Barbara Lee’s Statement on Military Strikes Against the Syrian Government

Washington, DC – Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s released the following statement on the recent  military strikes against the Syrian government:

“The US strikes in Syria last night, conducted without Congressional authorization, represent a dangerous military escalation into the Syrian civil war and are without legal justification. The use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians is barbaric and there is no question that Bashar Al-Assad must be held accountable for his heinous actions. I will continue to support an international response to bring the perpetrators of these horrors to justice and negotiate a political solution to the war in Syria.

“But by illegally bombing a sovereign nation, President Trump has intensified an already dangerous and unstable conflict without a long-term strategy or an appropriate authorization from Congress. Yesterday, I called on Speaker Ryan to call off the recess to debate and vote on an Authorization of the Use of Military Force prior to any military action in Syria. While he failed to act yesterday, I urge him to immediately bring Congress back into session so we can exercise our constitutional duty to hold a debate and vote. Congress has been missing in action on matters of war and peace for far too long – it’s past time for Congress to do its job.”