East Bay Communities for Action Committee (EBCFA)

EBCFA Mission

Our group of activists joined the Wellstone Club as a committee in 2012 to move various progressive campaigns and goals forward on the local, statewide, and sometimes national level (see also the Wellstone National Political Committee for the latter).  Our aim is to do, not just to talk.

Examples of Activities

Statewide, we’ve been working on (among other activities)

  • Opposing the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom
  • Enacting single-payer healthcare in California
  • Reforming state commercial property taxes to end unfair corporate tax breaks

Local campaigns we’re engaged in include

  • Reforming and reimagining policing in Berkeley and Oakland
  • Canvassing for and otherwise supporting progressive candidates in Oakland, Berkeley, Albany, Richmond, and other city council, school board, county supervisor, and special district elections

Nationally, we participate in

  • Canvassing, postcard writing, and phone banking in congressional races and presidential campaigns
  • Demonstrating and writing letters to the editor for Medicare for All

Join Us

We meet monthly to report on and plan activities (on Zoom, until in-person meetings are safe again). We are open to new ideas about campaigns and tactics to engage in. To learn more, attend a meeting, or join this committee, contact Zippie Collins, zipporahc@earthlink.net.