U.S. Congress, 13th District: Barbara Lee

City Council District 1: No Endorsement
Berkeley Rent Board: Soli Alpert, Nathan Mizell, Vanessa D. Marrero, Ida Martinac, Negeene Mosaed.
City Council District 4, Kate Harrison
City Council District 7:  Rigel Robinson
City Council District 8: No Endorsement
Auditor, Jenny Wong
Ka’Dijah Brown, Jennifer Shanoski, Mike Chang
Berkeley Rent Board: Soli Alpert, Nathan Mizell, Vanessa D. Marrero, Ida Martinac, Negeene Mosaed.
Mayor: Sheng Thao,
City Council District 2, Nikki Fortunado Bas
City Council District 6: Kevin Jenkins
City Council District 4: Janani Ramachandran
AC Transit At Large: Alfred Twu
AC Transit Ward 4: Barisha Spriggs
School Board District 2: Jennifer Brouhard
School Board District 4: #1 Pecolia Manigo and #2 Mike Hutchinson (Ranked Endorsement)
School Board District 6: Valarie Bachelor
EB MUD Board – Marguerite Young
Ballot measures
Yes on Berkeley Measure L – Housing and Infrastructure Bond
Yes on Berkeley Measure M – Berkeley Vacancy Tax
Yes on Oakland Measure H- School Parcel Tax
Yes on Oakland Measure Q- Low Income Housing
Yes on Oakland Measure R- Gender Neutral Language

Yes on Measure S- Non-citizens can vote for School Board

Yes on Measure T- Progressive Tax Measure

Yes on Oakland Measure U – Housing and Infrastructure Bond

Yes on Oakland Measure V- Amendments to Just Cause Eviction Law

Yes on Measure W- Campaign Financing

Yes on Oakland Measure X – Good Government Charter Reforms

Yes on Oakland Measure Y – Zoo Funding Parcel Tax

State Propositions:
1-Provides a state constitutional right to reproductive freedom, including the right to an abortion.
29- Enacts staffing requirements, reporting requirements, ownership disclosure, and closing requirements for chronic dialysis clinics.
31-Upholds the ban on flavored tobacco sales.
Alameda County Board of Supervisors, D3: Rebecca Kaplan
Alameda County District Attorney: Pamela Price
Alameda County Sheriff: Dual Endorsement, JoAnn Walker and Yesenia Sanchez https://www.joannwalker4sheriff.com
Alameda County Superintendent of Schools: Alysse Castro
Assembly District 14: Buffy Wicks
Assembly District 18: Mia Bonta
The Wellstone Club has also voted to support the Oakland Library Tax.