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TURN North Carolina Blue!

Join us on May 15th, with special guest North Carolina State Supreme Court Justice Allison Riggs, as we share our strategic vision for turning out historic numbers of NC voters this November and turning North Carolina Blue.

The governor’s seat is an important election for North Carolina this year.  The incumbent Democrat is termed out.  The Republican candidate, Mark Robinson, is truly right-wing – and anti-abortion. The governorship must remain democratic  because republicans have majorities in the state legislature; the governor’s veto power is needed to prevent erosion of reproductive rights.

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The State Supreme Court is also important.  Right wing candidates got seats in the last election, shifting the balance.  It’s a priority to defend liberal justices like Allison Riggs  to prevent further losses.  And, of course, better turnout by voters who support Democrats in these races will increase the chances of defeating Trump in the state.

This election cycle three major grassroots political organizations (Carolina Federation, Down Home and Siembra) will be coordinating to accomplish the shared goals of winning the Governor’s race and blocking a right wing government at all levels.

Learn more about how you can be a part of this historic effort to mobilize a critical mass of a multi-racial working class voters to the polls in 2024.

This event is sponsored by the Wellstone Club.