Wellstone Club Resolution on the Pentagon Budget

Alameda County Democratic Central Committee

June 7, 2017

Resolution on Pentagon Budget

Whereas: President Trump’s budget proposal increases Pentagon spending by $52 billion – which is a 10% increase — for a total of $639 billion for Fiscal Year 2018 to the existing and unaudited $600 billion Pentagon budget. At the same time, Trump’s budget also guts lifesaving programs that would hurt our communities, including job training, work-study aid, public health research, housing assistance, and meals for low-income seniors; and

Whereas: Despite the rampant waste, fraud and abuse at the Pentagon, Trump’s FY18 budget outline funnels even more taxpayer money into the pockets of defense contractors, and

Whereas: Congresswoman Barbara Lee has opposed this increase in the Pentagon budget and called for a full audit of Pentagon spending for increased transparency and accountability in the defense budget; therefore be it

Resolved: That the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee supports Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s opposition to increases in unaudited Pentagon spending and her call to audit the Pentagon budget; and be it further

Resolved: That the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee urge Democratic Clubs and Central Committees to oppose any increase in the Pentagon Budget and urge the entire California Delegation to co-sponsor Rep. Lee’s Audit the Pentagon Act.

Submitted by Pamela Drake Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club