Wellstone Club Resolution Urging Repeal of the AUMF – submitted to the ACDCC, Feb 6th 2019

Whereas: The Congress of the United States, in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001attacks, passed the AUMF (Authorization of Use of Military Force) – with Congresswoman Barbara Lee casting the lone dissenting vote – granting the President of the United States sole discretionary power, without specific Congressional authorization, to direct the U.S. military to undertake offensive operations; and

Whereas: The Constitution of the United States of America (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 11) specifically grants to Congress the authority to declare war, making the AUMF a fundamental violation of division of power among the branches of the government codified in the Constitution; and

Whereas: Since the passage of the AUMF, the United States – under three Presidents – has engaged in military action in at least 14 different countries without Congressional approval;

Therefore, Be It Resolved: That the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee urges the Congressional Delegation from California to support the repeal of the AUMF;

Therefore, Be It Further Resolved: That the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee urges all Delegates from Alameda County to support this Resolution at the California Democratic Party Convention.

Submitted by Pamela Drake, 18th AD ACDCC Member Supported by the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club