Elections 2020

A  powerful progressive movement is organizing today to transform our country — a movement that we grassroots Democrats embrace and support.   Calling for economic and social justice, proclaiming that Black Lives Matter, defending women’s and LGBTQ  rights, rejecting the demonization of immigrants, opposing a foreign policy based on militarism, and insisting that we have a sacred trust to keep our planet habitable for future generations, this movement has become a compelling and powerful presence and will play a critical role in the upcoming 2020 elections.

This election cycle holds great promise—as well as great danger.   The re-election of the current Republican President would be an on-going disaster for the nation.   Cutting taxes for the rich, assaulting Obamacare, slashing the social safety net, walking away from climate change and nuclear arms treaties, undermining the right to vote, opposing abortion, raising military spending, and attacking immigrants, the current Republican administration has broken new ground in its  destructive policies.

Donald Trump is a sounding board for all the fears and prejudices of those who are frightened by the changing demographics in this country.   He encourages racism, nativism, misogyny, and scientific ignorance in order to solidify his base.  The prospect that he and his supporters in Washington and in state houses across the country might continue to rule is terrifying.

We have today an opportunity to build upon the Democratic electoral victories in 2018 and shift the balance of political power in this country, ending Republican control of the Presidency and Senate.   The Republicans can be defeated in this elec­tion, but only if the diverse forces that currently support one or another Democratic Presidential candidate unite behind whoever becomes the Democratic Party nominee. The significant differences between these candidates pale in comparison to the compelling need to end the Republican stranglehold on the nation.

The U.S. Congress is also an arena in which grassroots Democratic clubs across the country, including our own, will be active.  Progressive legislators in Washington, e.g. “The Squad,” have helped to move the national discourse and the Democratic Party to consider the real issues that our nation and the world face.  They have helped, for example, to place the Green New Deal on the political agenda of the 2020 election.  We grassroots Democrats must do our part too, building movements for progressive change and electing Democrats up and down the ballot in both federal and state contests.

We  will remain engaged at the local level too, championing progressive causes in city councils,  on school boards, and other institutions of local government.  We seek to elect representatives to these bodies who will advance the common good.

Listening to one another, working together, we can advocate and act on behalf of a humane, just, sustainable future.