Recalls on the Wellstone Agenda March 22!

Stay tuned for details.

And please read Wellstone’s just- passed Resolution Opposing the Recall of Oakland’s Elected Mayor Sheng Thao

Why I’m A Member

Kate Harrison, Candidate for Mayor of Berkeley

“Wellstone is my political home. Since joining over 10 years ago, I have worked with the club to promote voting rights, national budget equity, housing affordability and tenant rights, and a zero net carbon future.  The club’s interest in all levels of government – national, state, regional and local – and in building community is invaluable.”      JOIN TODAY!

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Wellstone Wants A Cease Fire!

Read Our Resolution here.

The Wellstone Club advocates for immigrant rights and sanctuary cities.

Barbara Lee

Wins Key Endorsement from Wellstone Club

See Our Full List of Endorsements for the March Primaries Here
Wellstone Club hosted a community forum on Progressive Prosecutors and Criminal Justice Reform featuring Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Price and Chesa Boudin, Executive Director of the UC Berkeley Criminal Law and Justice Center.  See the video here.

The Wellstone Club participates in the environmental movement and supports enactment of a Green New Deal.

Progressive Democrats are rebuilding the Democratic Party from the bottom up – in every city hall, state legislature, and congressional district. The Democratic Party can and should speak to the needs of the multiracial working-class, no matter the ethnicity, race, sex, gender, and immigration status.  Join Us!