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The October Wellstone meeting will be on Zoom on Thursday, Oct 26 at 6:45 pm (Zoom opens 6:30).

National & State Elections are on our Agenda

Efforts to keep the Presidency and Senate and to turn the House back to blue are taking shape now, just a year away from the 2024 general elections.  CA House races, including districts in the Central Valley, will be key to retaking the House. Topics will include:

  • CA Central Valley House races and the role of the Bay Area Coalition, Cecilia Minalga, co-chair of the CADEM Organizing Standing Committee
  • Key battleground states and how we can participate from California
  • Update on North Carolina from our partners in the Carolina Federation

Palestine/Israel Resolution

Wellstone members will also consider the following motion by the CC :

The Coordinating Committee moves that Wellstone sign on to the letter drafted by the Quakers/Friends Committee on National Legislation asking our elected representatives to call for a de-escalation of the conflict in Israel and Palestine and encourage our members and others to do the same.

Join us on zoom:


Meeting ID: 842 3920 3881
Passcode: wdrcgm

To become a member of the Wellstone Club – just visit https://wellstoneclub.org/join and click the link to “join or renew”. Annual dues are only $15 for those 30 years of age and under ($25 for 31+).