Video of AD-15 Candidates Forum in San Pablo 11/4/2017

The African American Caucus of the CA Dem Party held an informative and interesting candidates forum for the Assembly District 15 candidates. Link to the YouTube video is here, or see below for the embedded video. All nine declared candidates were present and answered questions from the forum moderator, African American Caucus chair Darren W. Parker (

The candidates attending were:

  • Judy Appel (Berkeley school board)
  • Ben Bartlett (Berkeley city council)
  • Jovanka Beckles (Richmond city council and Our Revolution endorsee)
  • Dan Kalb (Oakland city council)
  • Andy Katz (EBMUD board)
  • Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto (El Cerrito city council and CNA endorsee)
  • Owen Poindexter (writer and UBI advocate)
  • Cheryl Sudduth (community organizer)
  • Buffy Wicks (Obama’s CA campaign organizer)