Update on Proposition 13 Commercial Property Tax Reform

State Senators Nancy Skinner and Holly Mitchell are ready to introduce a Senate Constitutional Amendment to reform Prop 13 so that commercial property is reassessed regularly, not just when it is sold. The bill has not yet been scheduled for introduction. Democratic leaders may be dragging their feet on this bill because of pressure from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers’ Association, which opposes all taxes.

To counter their attack, please call

Senate President Kevin de Leon, (916) 651-4024

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, (916) 319-2063

Say that you support Prop 13 commercial property tax reform, and urge them to support it, too, by moving the Mitchell-Skinner bill forward. (The bill does not yet have a number, because introduction has been held up.) With Trump and the Republicans threatening to cut federal funds, California needs the revenue from fair taxes on commercial property more than ever. This reform, if passed, would bring in an estimated $9 billion a year for education, infrastructure, courts, public safety, public health, parks, and other state services Californians need.

Governor Jerry Brown and individual legislators also need to be convinced to support the reform bill. Sign the petition circulated by Evolve at this meeting.

The Wellstone Committee working on this issue is

East Bay Citizens for Action

Join us by signing up at the meeting or emailing zippiecollins@wellstoneclub.org