Wellstone Club Resolution Urging Auditing the Pentagon Budget – submitted to ACDCC Feb 6th 2019

Whereas: The Pentagon Budget represents more than half of the discretionary spending in the national budget of the United States;

Whereas: The Pentagon Budget has consistently failed to satisfy the auditing requirements passed by the Congress in 1990, including the most recent attempt at an audit in 2017-18:
and the uncovering, in 2016, of at least $125 billion in annual waste


Whereas: These wasted and misdirected funds would be far better used for
necessary infrastructure and environmental repair and development, guaranteeing free Community College education, and repairing the social fabric of our country;

Therefore, Be It Resolved: That the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee urges the Congressional Delegation from California to vote against any Defense Appropriations legislation in 2019 that does not directly address Pentagon waste.

Resolved: That the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee urges all Delegates from Alameda County to support this Resolution at the California Democratic Party Convention by adding their names as sponsors.

Submitted by Pamela Drake, 18th AD ACDCC Member
Supported by the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club