Wellstone Club Resolution on Venezuela – March 2019

Whereas: The US has a long and bloody track record of actions to overthrow democratically elected governments in Central and South America, including US support for the 2002 Venezuelan coup that led to the temporary overthrow of the legitimately-elected president of Venezuela; and

Whereas: President Trump has stated that he is contemplating a military intervention in Venezuela, and the US National Security Council has indicated that it is considering an embargo on Venezuelan oil import, which actions would each massively increase the suffering of the Venezuelan people;

Therefore, Be It Resolved: That the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee urges the Congressional Delegation from California to 1) to vote against any legislation in 2019 that would authorize either a military intervention in Venezuela or an economic embargo on oil from that country, and 2) support multilateral efforts to foster a peaceful resolution to Venezuela’s crisis, including the call for free and fair elections;

Therefore, Be It Further Resolved: That the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee urges all Delegates from Alameda County to support this Resolution at the California Democratic Party Convention.

Submitted by Raymond Barglow, Chair, Peace Committee,
Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club