Notes on the platform discussion meeting on Jan 26th

Dear Friends,

Thank you for participating in the Wellstone Club meeting at the Niebyl Proctor Library on Thursday, January 26.  My apologies for taking so long to get this report out to you.  I can only plead heavy duty participation in meetings and demonstrations.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the DRAFT of the Wellstone Club platform (which is attached for your convenience).  There were quite a few suggestions, additions, and amendments.  I’m listing those below:

1.  Organize work in the 10th CD (Tracy, Modesto, Turlock), a district wonky Clinton but where there is a Republican Congressman;

2. Affiliate with California Forward .

3. Help cities across California pass their own campaign finance and electoral reform laws including public financing of elections, ranked choice voting, funder transparency laws, and hand-counted paper ballots. Push to get these passed on a state level when this seems politically feasible.

4. Advocacy for public internet (as a public utility).

5.  in depth discussion of modifying Costa-Hawkins to broaden rent control.

6.  Work on pressuring Diane Feinstein

7.  Affiliate with Indivisible.

8.  Focus protests on Trump-owned businesses in the Bay Area.

9.  Work on voting rights.

10.  Support Black Lives Matter; oppose Urban Shield and police militarization.

11.  Work to change the Democratic Party

12. Work to tax excessive CEO pay – use Portland model. Future of Work: Why Portland’s Tax on CEO Pay Matters

So please review these proposals and the original document.  Please feel free to suggest additions or changes.  Simply hit reply to email your comments back to me.

Finally, my thanks to those of you who have already joined the Wellstone Club.  To those of you who haven’t yet joined, you may

Join the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club Online  by clicking on the link.

The next Wellstone Club meeting is Thursday, Feb 23 at Humanist Hall, 390 27th St., Oakland (between Telegraph and Broadway). The potluck begins at 6PM and the meeting begins at 6:45PM.  Please plan on participating.

Many thanks for your participation,

Jack Kurzweil

Communications Coordinator

Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club