Next Steps to Implement the Oakland Police Commission

Oakland voters passed the charter change that set up an independent police commission by over 80% but it’s not time to let down our guard. The City is in the process of passing legislation which sets up the implementation of the Commission and some of the “enabling ordinance” Council Members Kalb and Gallo are proposing may just water down the independence of the new commission before it is even seated.

1) The 3 person committee which actually doles out discipline to officers, including firing, cannot be made up of more than 1 mayoral appointee-the mayor already gets 3 appointees to the 7 member commission-or it becomes just another mayor-controlled board and not a citizen board.

2) Staffing must be adequate and not under the control of the city administrator’s office or as in 1) it loses its independence.

Please contact Councilmember Kalb or Gallo to ask them to support the Police Accountability’s Coalition Ordinance.