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Next Meeting, Thursday March 26,  6:45 PM to 8 PM

Progressive Strategy and Activism Moving Forward Into the 2020 Presidential Election 

This meeting will be held on-line, using the Zoom conferencing application.  If you have Internet access but are unfamiliar with Zoom , contact us and we will help you set up Zoom so you can attend the meeting.  To attend the meeting, go to this webpage:  https://zoom.us/j/336860160   The meeting will begin  at 6:45 pm.  Then, at 7 pm or shortly thereafter, we will hear from a panel of three speakers:

Pamela Drake (Oakland activist, Drake Talk Oakland Blog, speaking on local politics)

Leo Casey (Exec. Director of the Albert Shanker Institute, speaking on national Dem. strategy, which is the subject of his essay Some Thoughts on Where We Go From Here)

Max Elbaum (peace and anti-racist activist and author, also speaking on national Dem. strategy, the subject of his essay Big Changes Ahead: Let’s be the Whirlwind)

Presentations will be followed by open discussion.