Club Meeting for March 2017

Thursday, March 23, 2017
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Humanist Hall, 390 27th St., Oakland, CA

Continuing the Organizing of the fightback Against Trump. Potluck at 6PM, please bring something to share. Meeting starts at 6:45PM.


  1. Welcome and call to order (6:45)
  2. Announcements
    1. Oppose AB 1403 (Internet voting): Richard Tamm – Help Us Defeat AB 1403 in the California Assembly
  3. Kimberly Ellis, candidate for Chair of the California Democratic Party
    • Vote to endorse (on consent)
  4. Updates on Wellstone issue campaigns:
    1. Single-Payer Health Care in California: Pam Ramirez. Vote on Resolution Supporting SB 562, Californians for a Healthy California Act
    2. Prop 13 Commercial Property Tax Reform: Kitty Calavita: Petition to Governor Brown in Support of Reform
    3. Turning Congressional District 10 Red to Blue: Jack Kurzweil
  5. Panel Discussion: Immigration and The Refugee Crisis


Raha Jorjani, Alameda County Public Defender
Saba Maher, Council on American Islamic Relations
Antonio Medrano, ACLU
Rosie Torres, Trustee, Oakland Unified School District

East Bay Express on Immigration Courts

East Bay Express on Oakland Police, ICE, FBI

Action Reports and Discussion
email the coordinators for questions or to volunteer

1. Sanctuary State Developments

2. Universal Health Care in California

3. Prop 13 Reform

4. Environment

5. Turning Red Districts Blue in 2018