Peace Committee

Peace Committee has a broad agenda to bring the dangers of US military action to public awareness. Specifically, it is working to end the invasion and occupation of Iraq and prevent widening conflict in other areas, especially the Middle East and particularly Iran.

The Committee is reaching beyond WDRC to Democratic clubs and progressive activists in northern California and throughout the state, and it needs more people to join and help.

The Wellstone Club’s Peace Committee seeks to encourage vigorous and effective anti-war activity by Democratic clubs, particularly in more conservative parts of the greater Bay Area. In order to do this the committee spearheaded the creation of the Resolution Peace Network (, a collaboration of Democratic clubs and other anti-war organizations in Alameda, Contra Costa and San Mateo Counties. Network members have crafted a statement calling for Congressional action to:

  • Promptly withdraw from Iraq
  • No attack on Iran without Congressional approval
  • Take good care of the troops, veterans and their families

Network members are encouraging other clubs to join the network, sign the statement, and meet with their Congressional representatives to ask them to take action toward the three goals above. The network is also researching and providing information to its members about anti-war legislation. As the network grows it will take on more projects, including media outreach and encouraging Democratic clubs in other regions of the state of create similar collaborations.


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