Letter to Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon on SB 562 sent 6/30/2017

June 30, 2017
Dear Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon:


The Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club urges you to move SB 562, the Healthy California Act, forward right away. Now is the perfect time for California to lead the country in providing real access to health care for all its citizens–and saving billions of dollars in health care costs–while the Republicans in Congress are eviscerating our current health care program by limiting access to care and decreasing affordability for millions of Americans. Whatever version of the Republican plan may be adopted, it will badly hurt Californians. Our state cannot stand by and watch what is already an inadequate system be destroyed. Nor can we afford delay of a remedy. These urgent times  call for fundamental change, and the Healthy California Act provides that change in the direction the state (and the country) needs to go.


Our club members have been fighting for single-payer for decades. Never have the circumstances been so favorable for passing it. The Pollin-University of Massachusetts Economic Analysis shows that this bill can work financially. A Medicare for All type of plan is extremely popular with Californians.


We recognize that Republicans and other right-wing groups may attack Democrats for passing SB 562. Remember that Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans in California (and not all Republicans are right-wing ideologues). Our activist club stands ready to protect and defend vulnerable Democrats who are attacked. Other Democratic clubs will likely be motivated to do so as well, when we are fighting for such a powerful positive change in our health care system.


Speaker Rendon, instead of being a roadblock, you can and should be a champion of this landmark legislation! Just as Saskatchewan led Canada to its single-payer system, California can lead the United States. Take your rightful place at the forefront of the movement to lead California forward to universal, affordable, single-payer health care.


Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club Coordinating Committee:
Zipporah Collins, Deborah Dille, Pamela Drake, Matthew Hallinan, Kate Harrison, Floyd Huen, John Katz, Jack Kurzweil, Theresa O’Connor, Pam Ramirez, Nazanin Szanto, Richard Tamm, Sheryl Walton, David Weintraub



P.O. Box 9572, Berkeley, CA 94709