Electoral Action Committee

The mission of the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club (WDRC) Electoral Action Committee (EAC) is to provide the endorsement process for California candidates and propositions of interest to and within the geographic reach of the WDRC. The endorsements are based on the principles of the WDRC as stated in official position statements.

The Electoral Action Committee is tasked with:

  • prepare the Club to work on the anticipated June special election to extend existing taxes in order to minimize California budget cuts;
  • reexamine the club’s endorsement process;
  • provide an organizing center for the electoral work of the club.

The tasks of the EAC include:

  • Advise the Coordinating Committee on issues relating to electoral politics;
  • Facilitate the Club’s process and priorities for endorsement of candidates and ballot measures;
  • Organize, train, and recruit volunteers for voter registration, tabling, phone banking, precinct walking, and other Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activities prior to local, state, and national elections;
  • Mobilize the resources of WDRC members and friends to contribute to the election of progressive candidates, the passage of ballot measures that help our communities, the defeat of those that do not;
  • Build alliances between the club and other progressive forces in our community

Committee Contact

Mal Burnstein (malburnstein@wellstoneclub.org)