East Bay Citizens for Action

This group joined the Wellstone Club as a committee in 2012 to engage in progressive actions of various kinds.

In January 2013, we decided to focus on Proposition 13 commercial property tax reform. We want to move the Legislature to put on the 2016 ballot an amendment that commercial property will be reassessed periodically, not just when sold.

We will be focusing on the city councils of Vallejo, San Pablo, Alameda, and El Cerrito to pass resolutions asking the California Legislature to put a constitutional amendment on the 2016 ballot saying that commercial property shall be reassessed regularly.

If any Wellstone members have contacts in our target cities—particularly, but not limited to, council members or staff—please send the information to Kitty Calavita at kccalavi@uci.edu so we can approach these people to facilitate getting the resolution on the council agenda.

Campaign Activities

  • Campaigning for resolutions by city councils, school boards, PTAs, and other civic, labor, education, and political groups in the state urging the Legislature to act.
  • Successfully lobbied the state Democratic Party Convention to adopt a commercial property tax reform resolution in its platform (it did!)
  • Leafleting, writing op-eds, and writing letters to the editor to inform voters

Statewide Allies in the Campaign

  • Evolve (www.evolve-ca.org)
  • California Tax Reform Association (caltaxreform.org)
  • California Calls (www.cacalls.org)
  • Educate Our State (www.educateourstate.org)

Previous EBCFA Campaigns

  • Oakland Jobs Not Cuts Rally
  • Move Your Money campaign
  • Millionaires’ Tax ballot initiatives
  • Lobbying Senator Feinstein for no cuts to social programs
  • Phone banking for Congressional candidate Norman Solomon
  • Walking precincts for Congressional candidate Jose Hernandez

New participants are heartily welcomed.


Zippie Collins