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ASCE’s 2017 Infrastructure Report Card is out – and it’s so bad

The American Society of Civil Engineers put out a report card on the state of US infrastructure, and it’s very bad: they give it a D+. Read the full report here: They give grades for aviation, bridges, dams, drinking water, energy, hazardous waste, inland waterways, levees, ports, public parks, rail, roads, schools, solid waste, transit, and wastewater. It’s a highly accessible website and we urge you to read through all the areas they give grades for.

Rent Control for All – Repeal Costa Hawkins!

Our friends at Tenants Together are calling on everyone in California to support repeal of Costa Hawkins that prohibits rent control over single-family houses, anything built after 1982, and many other kinds of housing. Almost half of Oakland renters are not covered by rent control and have been subject to horrific rent increases that they cannot afford. There’s a renewed push this year to repeal Costa Hawkins and there’ll be a rally in Sacramento on January 11th. Please go if you can!

Here’s what you can do in the coming weeks to pass Real Rent Control in California:

1.) California Legislators have failed renters. JOIN US in the Capitol on January 11th to demand that the Assembly Housing Committee vote to pass AB1506.

2.) Call Assembly speaker Anthony Rendon and other key legislators

3.) Write to your Assembly member click here;

The flyer below has a phone script for calling legislators and a list of the key legislators they’re focusing on. Please contact all the legislators in the list and your own legislators before January 11th! Thank you!

Download (DOCX, 232KB)

Items left over from holiday party

We hope you enjoyed the holiday party! We certainly enjoyed seeing so many old and new friends and are very grateful for the lovely space provided by David and Emily Weintraub. We ended up with a few leftover items from the party that we hope we can return to their owners. Please see the picture below and see if these bowls and spoon belong to you. You can email David at Thanks!

two ceramic bowls